The newest weapon in the fight against opioid addiction is virtual reality (VR) technology that can help ease patients’ chronic and acute pain and provide alternatives to popping pills.

The Physical Therapy Central clinics in the Oklahoma City area, including an office now in Shawnee, are part of a pilot program using a groundbreaking new VR platform, developed by BehaVR, which is drastically improving a patient’s results and experience with persistent pain.

Not only does strapping on the virtual reality headset as part of an integrated PT therapy session provide a visual and engaging experience for the patient, but the psychologically powerful medium also helps patients learn and retain new research about chronic pain and how to deal with it.

“Instead of relying on opioids or addictive painkillers, the VR experience immerses the patient in an

environment where they learn new skills of mindfulness and emotional regulation, which can help them

deal with pain flare-ups,” according to Bridgit Finley, CEO of Physical Therapy Central clinics.

John Bailey, PT, DPT, TPS, is a therapeutic pain specialist and clinic owner in Shawnee at Physical Therapy Central Shawnee, 3930 N. Kickapoo, Suite 4.

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