On Tuesday, Shawnee Traffic Commissioners talked about slowing down Kickapoo traffic to 35 miles per hour; they voted to propose a speed limit change from 34th Street to Westech Road to Shawnee City Commissioners.

On Tuesday, Shawnee Traffic Commissioners proposed slowing the speed limit along Kickapoo Street from 34th Street to Westech Road to 35 miles per hour.

Shawnee City Engineer Michael Ludi told the board recent increases in retail development — with still more coming — and the potential for wrecks have made Kickapoo a prime candidate for backing off current speed limits, which are posted at 45 miles per hour throughout the Marketplace district.

Though Kickapoo is a four-lane, the Marketplace and a lot of new development has brought more traffic into the area.

“During the day there's so much congestion there's no way to reach that speed anyway,” Ludi said.

But later at night — when constant traffic is no longer an issue — speed is, he said.

From the Marketplace south to 34th Street, next to Tener's Western Outfitters, the speed limit is posted at 40 miles per hour. Farther south of that, the limit goes down to 35.

Ludi said he just felt like 35 miles per hour would be more appropriate along that whole route.

Traffic Commissioner Travis Flood said he used to live in that area and saw many instances of speeding there.

“I'm all for slowing it down,” he said.

Traffic commissioners voted to recommend the proposal to Shawnee City Commissioners, who will have the final say.

Ludi said, if approved, it would take four to five weeks to get new signs. He said small flags could be temporarily attached to the new signs to act as a reminder of the change. A trailer also could be set out along the route to alert drivers of their speed.

Watch for updates as the proposal goes through a future meeting of the City Commission.