Jewel, who last week was rescued by the Friends of Shawnee Animals after being found severely neglected and emaciated, has started improving health wise and emotionally.

According to foster mom and college student, Jennifer Dixson, Jewel is becoming more social and playful since being placed in her care.

She's responding to love and affection and being in a safe and trustworthy environment.

"She actually acts like a real dog now,” Dixson said as she kissed Jewel's snout. “She'll let you grab her face...(but) before she would pull away.”

Jewel is a white pit bull mix and was found with a plethora of health issues including heart worm, Diabetes, ear tumors and skin allergies.

However, since being rescued and cared for, Dixson said Jewel's health has improved quite a bit.

"So after just one week she gained three pounds. We've been giving her Insulin twice a day. She's been getting her Glucose levels checked at least twice a day. She's been having oatmeal baths for her allergies and she's been taking Benadryl so her itchiness is kind of settling...," Dixson said.

She explained she has two other dogs who Jewel gets along with and should Jewel continue to improve, Dixson may adopt her or at least find her a home.

"She has a long journey ahead so I feel like she'd be ours by then. If I didn't adopt her I'd just do everything in my power to make sure she had a good home that could take care of her," Dixson said.

For more information on Jewel and to make donations call Northside Vet Hospital at (405) 273-3700 or use PayPal at