Voters in the city of Maud elected a mayor Tuesday evening while three trustee seats will filled in Wanette and Bethel Acres voters elected a town clerk-treasurer and a trustee.

Town of Bethel Acres

Voters in Bethel Acres elected Lucas Cannon to the Office No. 1 Town board seat with 96 votes, or 72.18 percent. Jake Clanin had 37 votes, or 27.82 percent.

In the race for Bethel Acres Clerk-Treasurer, Jane Schuster won the seat with 87 votes, or 70.16 percent. Stephanie Lynn Bennett had 37 votes, or 29.84 percent.

City of Maud

Voters elected Russell W. Dillon as mayor of Maud.

Candidates were DeCarla Wallgren, Dillon and Bobby Watson, with voters electing Dillon to serve as mayor with 74 votes, or 45.12 percent.

Bobby Watson had 56 votes, or 34.15 percent, while Wallgreen had 34 votes, or 20.73 percent.

For the Maud Ward 3 seat, candidates were Michael Weeden and Larry Barker. Barker won the seat with 97 votes, or 60.62 percent, compared to 63 votes, or 39.38 percent for Weeden.

Town of Wanette

In Wanette, four candidates were in the running to fill three seats on the Wanette town Board — Michael Andrew Heltcel, Gail Crawford, Heather J. Cox and Nathan Gregory.

Only one vote separated the fourth candidate. The three elected with the most votes were Heltcel with 21 votes, Gregory with 21 votes and Crawford with 19 votes. Cox had 18 votes.

Election results are unofficial until they are certified on Friday.