Monday, Superintendent of Macomb Public Schools, Matthew Riggs, requested a bid for a new activity bus and route bus at the first County Commission meeting of April.

Riggs explained the district has three bus routes and leases three buses for students to ride. He said Macomb owns two other route buses and a lift bus.

However, for the 2019-2020 school year, the superintendent has requested help from the County Commissioners in receiving a used activity bus or route bus.

The district's current fleet of buses are 10-13 years old and for quite some time, Macomb has tried to acquire new buses through school bond issues that haven't passed.

"We're trying to get an activity bus because we feel like it will last longer," Riggs said.

The commissioners approved going out on a bid and for now, Riggs said the district is waiting to see what bids come to light.

Also during the meeting, Bethel Public Schools was granted permission to purchase a 36'' brush mower for the lowest bid of around $2,800 from that district's portion of county education sales tax revenues.

Marilyn Bradford was reappointed to the Pioneer Library System Board of Trustees after commissioners received a recommendation letter from Executive Director Lisa Wells.

The commissioners added Debbie Alison as a new receiving officer for the 911 sales tax account and 911 cash accounts.

As usual, commissioners approved standard agenda items such as previous meeting minutes, payroll, appropriations, Blanket Purchase Orders and other funding items.