The monthly meeting of Indivisible Shawnee will be held at the Shawnee Public Library on April 14th at 2:PM. Indivisible Shawnee is a non-partisan group of citizens who believe that a well-informed person becomes an engaged citizen and voter. To that end, each month we strive to present speakers who further our understanding of the issues that affect our lives and community.

Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to the frequent “breaking news” that a church, mosque, temple or synagogue has been attacked while people are praying to their God. These acts of terrorism are often perpetrated by those we understand to be white supremacists. In the belief that people do not attack those whom they know or understand, the antidote to these hateful acts begins with honest conversations among people of differing backgrounds with an attempt to identify and promote those things that unite us, like the desire for safety, religious freedom and mutual respect and to identify and condemn those things that divide us.

On April 14th, Indivisible Shawnee will sponsor a community conversation, with speakers from varying religious perspectives. Everyone is invited to attend and participate in what we hope will be the beginning of an ongoing attempt to make our communities safe zones populated by people who respect each other’s similarities and differences.