Virtual Driver Interactive, Inc (VDI), an innovative driving training company, released its new program, Driving Essentials XE in late March.

Driving Essentials is available on XBOX, but it's not a game — it's a real driver training program for teens and newly-licensed drivers.

"A virtual driving instructor will take a new driver through a complete curriculum, starting with basic driving skills through more advanced and dangerous situations such as distracted driving," VDI Business Development Manager Peter Daskarolis said.

Founded and developed by Virtual Driver Interactive CEO, Bob Davis, Driving Essentials has 10 different lessons with various driving conditions and scenarios too dangerous to practice in real life.

"The driver will experience city, highway, commercial, residential and rural environments. In later lessons the driver will face the challenges of rain, snow and fog, as well as day and night scenarios," Daskarolis said.

"We can put your drivers in dangerous situations without putting them in danger," Driving Essentials said.

For years Davis has been developing this simulation after his son suggested he use XBOX as the gaming console.

Driving Essentials, while geared toward teens, is used by other companies and drivers. They include the United States Postal Service, utility companies, law enforcement and the American Automobile Association.

While using the XBOX controllers does not teach a player how to command a steering wheel, it develops safe driving habits through repetition.

The goal of Driving Essentials is to prevent motor vehicle accidents, which according to the Centers of Disease Control, are the leading cause of U.S. teen deaths.

Going forward, Davis and his company are hopeful many more people will use Driving Essential to teach their teens how to drive safely.