Tecumseh Middle School recently broke ground on renovations to its gym and cafeteria which is expected to be completed toward the end of July.

According to Superintendent Tom Wilsie, construction workers are in the demolition phase of the project. Changes are being made to the cafeteria, restrooms, lobby and the gym.

Over the next few weeks people will work on the sewer line, water line and other utilities.

Wilsie said the district is expected to see cement added and then steel work.

"We're excited. It's going well," Wilsie said.

The district decided to start construction to have the project completed by the next school year.

While the process began early, Wilsie said construction has not disrupted too much of day-to-day activity. Students are eating in the school's AP room.

This project is one of several in a $12.4 million bond issue passed in Fall of 2016.

According to Wilsie, money from the bond was used for construction to various facilities in the school district including: the new Early Childhood Center, band rooms, vocal music rooms and security.

The bond also will begin Phase One of a school farm, Which Wilsie said is the next project following the completion of the middle school's gym.

"We're excited to get this next phase completed...," Wilsie said.