The city's taxilane project at Shawnee Regional Airport is moving right along — with hangar construction soon to follow.

Shawnee Regional Airport Manager Bonnie Wilson said just about 90 percent of the supporting taxilane is complete.

In August the Shawnee City Commission entered into an agreement with H.W. Lochner for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) project to construct a T-Hangar taxilane.

The FAA provided a grant in aid through the AIP to support the construction of a taxilane and supporting infrastructure for a new T-Hangar Complex at the Shawnee Regional Airport.

Lochner has provided construction services generally consisting of construction administration, materials testing, project observation and project close out services.

“We are doing quite well with this phase of the work,” she said.

The remaining work of this phase, Wilson said, is related to the storm drainage around the foundation.

She said it's been a rather wet winter so that has slowed progress to some degree.

“Once we dry up for a week or so the contractor should be able to complete the efforts,” Wilson said.

The next phase of the project will be construction of the t-hangars themselves, she said.

“We are in the process of selecting an engineer for the design and construction phase of that project,” she said. “We issued a request for proposals for engineering services and will be reviewing those submissions in the next few weeks, negotiating a contract and executing an agreement.”

The selected firm will then begin the work of designing the new building and construction bids will likely go out late by summer to early fall, she said.

“The Federal Aviation Administration has provided $525,874 and the City of Shawnee's portion is $312,891 in funding of the total project cost, which is $968,507,” she said.

Watch for updates.