Time flies when you are having fun. Vacation days certainly pass faster than that first Monday back to work.

Time also flies when you have a huge event on the horizon. It seems like it has only been a few weeks since we had six months until the next Best of News-Star Preps event.

Now we have three weeks.

Where did the time go?

This year's event is going to be bigger and better than the first two. Consider what has been added for this year:

• Bryant "Big Country" Reeves will be our VIP guest. Reeves will be at a meet and greet for sponsors and VIP guests and he will also be available to take photos with award winners that evening.

• Another new car. Patriot CDJR in Chandler is giving away another new Jeep Renegade to the Student of the Year. The other 15 finalists will receive scholarships from $250-$500 thanks to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. The Best of Preps events is a huge night for area athletes but it has the potential to be an even bigger night for top students from the area. This incredible event would just be a good idea that never happened if not for the great sponsors that make it possible.

• A new powerlifting award sponsored by TDK Ferrites. This is the first year we will recognize the guys who lift the heavy weights. This area had some of the best lifters in the state and it is only right that they are recognized with the other great athletes.

• TDK is also sponsoring another one of our new features. Everyone at the event will be able to take home photos thanks to a Photo Booth/Selfie Station. If you have a little time before you eat or if you group gets through with dinner early, there will be plenty of things make sure everyone has a good time.

• Bring the Lumber award. In addition to our annual Slow Pitch Player of the Year award, we will be giving awards to the girls who hit the most home runs in the regular season. The engraved miniature wooden bats are being sponsored by Buford White ACE Hardware. If you think your home run total is near the top, make sure your coach lets us know. All home runs in the regular season count.

• Cheerleading and Spirit Award winners. Cheerleaders have their own competitions and they also support other competitions at football and basketball games and wrestling matches. Cornerstone Chiropractic is sponsoring awards for those who compete in cheer events as well as those who bring school and community spirit to other sports. We are asking sponsors and coaches to nominate cheerleaders now.

We also have a few more tricks up our sleeve and if they work out, it will be incredible.

Last year, we made the second year's event bigger and better than the first. This year, I think we'll make year three one for the record books. I have no idea how we'll make the fourth one bigger than this year, but we will have 51 weeks to get it done.

Remind me of that next year at this time when I wonder where all of those weeks went.