Bethel Lower Elementary second grade students are robotic engineers.  They recently designed and made robots from recycled materials.

This activity was connected to language arts, mathematics, and science. Students shared their robots with their classmates, as well as measure and compare the size of their robots to determine the mode and median.  They also wrote about their robots at school.  Some of the robots had bluetooth features, played music, moved, talked, and had hydraulics.   Each second grade class picked their top four robots to be displayed for all of the PreK - 2nd grade students to vote on their favorite.  

The students chose their favorite from the top sixteen. Nate Duggins won first place with his robot that moved and told jokes with bluetooth. Nate’s robot’s name was Speedster XTron 1000.   Kortlyn Clanin’s robot Alice was the second place winner. Her robot held a cell phone and played music through bluetooth. Nate and Kortlyn are in Regina Flatt’s second grade class. Third place winner was Boston Tarbox with his robot named Toothless. Boston is in Emily Stinnett’s class. Bethel Lower Elementary second grade teachers are Maria Wright, Mandy Rooker, Emily Stinnett and Regina Flatt.