OKLAHOMA CITY – The Shawnee Municipal Authority (Authority) received approval for a $5,745,000 loan Tuesday from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) to improve the Authority’s water metering infrastructure.  Upgrades to the system will be financed by the Oklahoma Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF).

The Authority will utilize the proceeds to acquire and install Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) water meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  This project focuses on water conservation and efficiency by reducing water loss in Shawnee’s system. The new meters will provide leak detection alerts, thereby reducing unintended flows to the wastewater system.  With this installation, it could lead to increased water supply reliability through providing the system officials with a better understanding of potential vulnerabilities. Finally, the project will help meet Oklahoma's Water for 2060 goals.

Joe Freeman, Chief of the OWRB’s Financial Assistance Division calculated that the Authority’s customers will save an estimated $859,000 over the life of the 15-year loan compared to traditional financing.  The CWSRF loan will be secured with a lien on the revenues of the Authority’s water and sewer systems. The Shawnee Municipal Authority’s official attending the OWRB’s monthly meeting in support of the loan application was Chance Allison, Finance Director. Mr. Allison stated, “We appreciate the consideration of our clean water application. This will allow us to move our system into the future.”

The CWSRF program is administered by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board with partial funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Oklahoma utilizes the CWSRF to provide communities the resources necessary to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our valuable water resources statewide.

Since 1983, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board has approved over $4.2 billion in loans and grants for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements throughout Oklahoma.

“We are grateful to State legislators from the Shawnee area for their support of our financial assistance programs,” said Julie Cunningham, Executive Director of the OWRB.