The Shawnee High School Wind Ensemble performed at the OSSAA 6A State Contest last week and received superior ratings both on stage and in sight reading.

This is the highest honor a group can receive at this contest.

The SHS Symphonic Band performed at the OSSAA 6AE contest last week, as well, and received excellent ratings both on stage and in sight reading. 

6AE simply means that it is the second band at the 6A school level. Since the Symphonic Band was SHS's second band, it has an E at the end of its level.

Below are the results of the OSSAA State Solo and Ensemble Contest:

Superior Rating Solos: McKayla Pearce, Caryssa Bui and Mariah Snider.

Excellent Rating Solos: Bethany Newell and Kamryn Manlapig

Superior Rating Ensembles: Flute Quarte McKayla Pearce, Mariah Snider, Kayana Rhoton-Brackeen and Bailey Lewis, Saxophone Trio: Lorelei Brem, Kayana Rhoton-Brackeen and Hannah Ticer,

Saxophone Ensemble: Lorelei Brem, Hanaa Saidi, Lexi Effinger and Austyn Wade, Percussion Ensemble II: Grant Hall, Erin LaBar, Tim Heath, Josiah Bandy and Jaela Daily-Watson and Percussion Ensemble I: Bethany Newell, Luke Presley, Levi Wilson, Kamryn Manlapig and Zach Pennington.

Excellent Rating Ensembles:

Clarinet Quartet: Alethea Anderson, Caryssa Bui, Josi Palmer and Olivia Todd, Clarinet Choir: Hannah Ticer, Mirran Grein, Jenna Westbrook, Caryssa Bui, Taylor Ingraham, Alethea Anderson and Bailey Justice and Trumpet Trio: Mio Dykstra, Paige Iddings and Cynthia Bui.