First year science teacher at Cross Timbers Elementary, Lisa Stone, and her fifth graders were one of four classes selected in March by the Devon Thunder Explorers to receive $500 for their science fair and other events.

According to Thunder Director of Community Relations, Erin Oldfield, Devon Thunder Explorers is a STEM program for fourth to sixth graders.

"We really want to lay the ground work and get kids interested at an early age in math and science," Oldfield said.

Active since 2016, DTE allows teachers and students to participate in various activities where they apply the fundamentals of math and science.

Each activity meets all the Oklahoma Academic Standards as well.

Stone said both she and her students love participating in the program.

"We love the Thunder activities because it's all about basketball. (The students) love it. I love it. It's very well organized," Stone said.

Teachers can go online and select from a multitude of activities that are fun but educational.

Each month members of the DTE program select four teachers and their classes from around the state to receive $500 for anything they may need.

Teachers can take pictures of their class doing an activity and submit them online to the DTE.

Stone said she and her class were excited to be chosen and she plans on using the money for the school's science fair and shark week events.

Since it became active, Oldfield said around 100,000 students have participated in a DTE activity.

To view activities, submit pictures or for more information visit okcthunder/