Felony child neglect cases have advanced for the defendants charged in connection with a starving Meeker teenager who was found living in a barn last summer, court records show.

The 15-year-old boy, who weighed just 80 pounds when he was taken into protective custody July 12, 2018, remained hospitalized quite some time as part of his recovery.

Hearings were scheduled Thursday for the defendants, including the teen's father, stepmother and two older siblings who were charged last summer.

According to Lincoln County District Court records, all now face future court dates following a preliminary hearing — three of them are scheduled in June and one is set for another court appearance in May.

Charged in the case are the father, Jimmy L. Jones Sr., 34, the boy's stepmother, Amy A. Jones, 46, along with the teen’s two other siblings, Jonathan Luke Plank, 20, and Tyler Joe Adkins, 24.

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