As the school year draws to a close, North Rock Creek Public Schools is finishing major projects and beginning several new ones.

According to Superintendent, Dr. Blake Moody, the district is in the final stages of building its new high school.

“We’re about a month and a half away from completion. We have finished polishing our concrete floors and we have a few days left of painting,” Moody said.

He said workers are hanging fixtures and beginning the final clean up stage.

In addition to the new high school renovations, Moody explained North Rock Creek has placed the foundation and utilities on various buildings including a new outdoor athletic facility, a new track and a new administration building.

Workers have also placed the foundation for new stands and grand stands at the district’s football field as well as new lighting on all the athletic fields.

Moody also explained, after a two-year application process North Rock Creek was awarded a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a new safety room in the elementary school.

The safety room, according to Moody, will have four elective classrooms including a computer lab, music room, art room and counseling room. These class rooms and the new administration building will free up space in the elementary school as enrollment is extremely high.

Moody explained 75 percent of the safety room cost is paid for by the FEMA grant which was $1,046,000. The rest of the costs will come from the district’s sales tax and will add up to about $348,000.

The superintendent said contracts have been signed, the first construction meeting was held this week and the district will break ground on May 13.

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