Tucked in the Shawnee home of skilled musician, Travis Hodge, lies the T. Hodge Lodge, a small yet impactful recording studio with two sound booths, wall-to-wall wood work, a VHS copy of "Wayne's World" and a "lodgey" vibe.

"It started with one microphone and a really cheap computer a long time ago," Travis said. "I played acoustic guitar and sang and I wanted to be able to record my own songs...and maybe get some gigs..."

The father of two said he started the studio in 2015 and after a while others caught on to his idea.

"Once I started recording I had some other friends that they wanted to record too so (I) just ended buying more recording stuff and eventually it turned into this," Travis said.

Travis explained the T. Hodge Lodge does everything including demos, full CDs, audio books, videos and anything else clients may need.

"It's very stress free over here," Travis said. "I don't usually have time lines or time limits. I usually have people pay for the song so that they don't feel rushed."

According to Travis, several different type of artists record at the T. Hodge Lodge including rappers, folk singers, country musicians and many more.

"It's just a fun place to hang out. People say that it's a really creative place...," he said.

According to Assistant Engineer, Zedek Shaughnessy, the T. Hodge Lodge has a relaxing atmosphere and Travis has created a space where musicians can grow in their careers.

"It shows you what a big studio is like. It shows you the different aspects of what you could do and it's a place where the ability to learn is there if you want to learn...The fact that it's such a technically advanced place for such a small market lets you really broaden your horizons (as) an artist," Shaughnessy said.

Travis explained he is a man of many trades as he is a musician, sound engineer, producer, manager, writer, business owner, husband and father.

For over 15 years the 33-year-old has recorded songs and played music and he said it all started when he saw a guitar his mom brought home.

"I saw it and I was like 'oh I like that...' and then I sweet talked my dad into buying me a guitar eventually maybe a year after that. I was probably 12 when I started playing guitar," Travis said.

Travis owns the business with his father Randy who said he is quite proud of his son's success.

"It makes me extremely proud. He's the talent. I couldn't do any of this...," Randy said.

While he loves playing and making music, Travis said there are challenges to being a business owner.

"Time (is the hardest aspect). I don't have enough of it. I do shows on the weekends. I still have a full time job that isn't music stuff. I'm stretched very thin," Travis said.

However, the business owner said it's all worth because he does what he loves and has support from his wife, Amanda and his two children, Atticus and Lily.

"They like it. They like coming to my shows. Atticus and Lily like getting up on stage and pretending like they're cool," Travis said.

In the future, Travis explained he would like to manage the T. Hodge Lodge full time and keep making music.

"Hopefully one day I can quit my day job and just do music. That's the plan," Travis said.