Last week the Oklahoma Election Board removed 91,000 people from the list of registered voters in the state.

According to Secretary of the Pottawatomie County Election Board, Jeannie Stover, 1,300 people from Shawnee and surrounding areas were among those purged in Pottawatomie County.

Stover said every two years the state is legally obligated to remove registered voters who have not voted or been active in elections for six to eight years.

This year's number was lower than previous, Stover said, as the average number of inactive voters in previous years in Pott. County has reached 2,000.

According to Oklahoma Election Board spokeswoman, Misha Mohr, more than 88,000 voters have failed since 2015 to confirm their correct addresses or vote in an election through 2018.

Those removed statewide include 36,000 registered Democrats, 31,000 Republicans and 21,000 independents.

Stover said to determine if one is purged, he or she can look on the Election Board's website and if so, he or she can reregister to vote.

For more information call the Pott. County Election Board at (405) 273-8376 or visit