Prague High School senior, Colton Williams qualified and will compete in the Extemporaneous category in the State Future Farmers of America Public Speaking competition April 26.

Williams said he is excited to compete in state after coming so close last year in the area competition.

"Last year I got third place at the area contest so I was pretty bummed because I just missed out on going to state so to qualify for the first time as a senior and to win my area felt pretty good," Williams said.

The senior said only 10 students from across the state qualify for the state competition and he is excited to compete in his category.

"There will be a select number of topics that I'll draw three from and once I draw those three I will selected the one that I want to use and from that point on I have 30 minutes," Williams said. "I only have 10 minutes to use technology and...using technology and my resources I have to write and present a four minute speech about that topic."

Williams said based on the topic the speech can be an opinion or informative and he is judges on how well he presents his information.

He explained he loves the Extemporaneous category because he has to think quick on his feet which is something he's good at.

"The FFA is something that I'm just proud of. I really found my home when I found extemporaneous speaking...It fits my style so well. Not having to prepare," he said. "Just being able to go with the flow really fits my style and I've really found a lot of success with it and that makes me want to keep going."

If he wins he'll be awarded $1,000 and the opportunity to compete in the national FFA Pubic Speaking competition in October of 2019.

Williams will be attending The University of Oklahoma in the fall for meteorology and hopes to win the competition but also just do the best he can at the competition.

"To be able to do my best is my goal. Obviously I want to win but...I just want to go and say I did my absolute best my senior year," Williams said.

In addition to being a state qualifier, Williams is also a Shawnee News Star Student of the Month in the running to winning a new car.