Located in the heart of Downtown Shawnee lies The Doggie Spot, a fun and educational establishment where the city's most beloved pets are groomed, fed and taught.

According to owner and professional trainer, Khara Schuetzner, she opened her store and school for both the dogs of Shawnee and their owners.

"The Doggie Spot is a locally owned pet retail, training and grooming area. So we use a lot of Made in USA products and health products for dogs," Schuetzner said. "When I opened it I wanted it to be cost effective for everyone who has a pet because pets sometimes are our family and they're the ones who keep us going so I wanted good quality prices for everyone."

Before the Doggie Spot opened six years ago, Schuetzner said she was a part-time dog trainer and full-time high school physics and chemistry teacher.

"It was a career change...and I really enjoy it because I get to know people in my community and it's the same thing as teaching kids because you're teaching puppies but you're also teaching the dog owners," she said.

The Doggie Spot offers a variety of classes for all types of dogs ranging from small puppies to large dogs.

For the dog trainer, she loves teaching and playing with the dogs but her favorite aspect is learning about the animal's owners.

"I would say the thing I love most is the people. Getting to know the families and their pets and getting to see that relationship grow," Schuetzner said. "It's interesting when an owner or a dog get something that they're trying to communicate with each other...,"

On average, the Doggie Spot trains over 250 dogs a year and Schuetzner said it's because they aren't like other dog training schools or stores.

"I think what makes us unique is we give a lot back to the community and we really get to know our clients," Schuetzner said.

The business owner explained the Doggie Spot takes the time to cheer up its customers when things are not going well and they actively listen to the issues an owner has with his or her dog.

For six years the establishment has been on Main Street and Schuetzner said they've made an impact by encouraging people to walk their dogs and convincing other stores to welcome the dogs.

"It seems like now we're acceptable and a lot of the small business owners...they allow us to bring our clients in there and that's good because most people think dog socialization is dog to dog but (it's) having a well behaved dog in a community...," Schuetzner said.

The dog lover explained the Doggie Spot is looking to expand and she hopes her store keeps making an impact on the dogs and pet owners of Shawnee.

The Doggie Spot is located at 12-A E Main St.