Liberty Baptist Church and Academy honored Elementary Director Juanita Laughlin for her 41 years of service to students and the community at the Liberty Day Celebration Sunday, April 28.

According to Liberty Academy Superintendent Susan Harmon, hundreds of students have gone through Laughlin's program and the school wanted to honor her hard work and dedication to young minds.

Harmon said Laughlin was very happy and surprised to be honored, especially when it was discovered the school named a library after her.

''She expressed before the crowd that she always loved being an educator," Harmon said.

Laughlin has taught kindergarten through fifth grade and has served as Liberty's Elementary Director for over 30 years.

Several former educators and students attended the event to celebrate Liberty and Laughlin.

Harmon said Senator Ron Sharp presented Laughlin with a citation of appreciation from the Oklahoma State Legislature.

An ensemble of Liberty Academy elementary students sang a trio of songs and seventh graders Elizabeth Bowden and Camille Blakemore sang as they played ukuleles.

Liberty also recognized its girls' basketball team for winning the state championship in their division and the boys' team as runners up in their championship.

"An important aspect of the event was that members of the church, which supports the school and families of the children whose lives are impacted by the school, had an opportunity to meet together in mutual celebration," Harmon said.