Shawnee police continue to investigate a hit-and-run accident that took place Saturday night in the area of Interstate 40 and Harrison Street. The pedestrian injured in that accident remains hospitalized with numerous injuries.

According to his sister-in-law, Rhonni Foster, 27-year-old Cameron Foster remains in the hospital after being struck by a car Saturday night while walking north in the area of I-40 and Harrison.

Rhonni said Cameron suffered a traumatic brain injury, damage to his shoulder and knee as well as other injuries.

"His mother had to find out over the phone that her son was in a tragic accident and they had no idea what his prognosis was," Rhonni said. "It was completely terrifying and devastating having her crumble here at my house with absolutely no power to help her."

Thanks to a generous donations from friends, Cameron's mother flew to Oklahoma City to see her son and will take care of him for a few weeks, Rhonni told The News-Star.

Since the accident, Rhonni has posted various updates on a Facebook page she created to inform others on Cameron’s condition.

"He had another surgery (yesterday) on his shoulder and arm," she said. "There is hope that they will bring him out of sedation (today) and hopefully his mom will be the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes."

Rhonni explained Cameron lives with his sister, Tammy and her three children in Earlsboro.

He works as an electrician apprentice and Tammy is going to cosmetology school. Cameron provides all he can for his family..

Rhonni said the Foster family has been through many tragedies but they always power through.

"I have no doubt in my mind that this accident will just be one more thing that the Foster family survives and comes out stronger," Rhonni said. "God has shown us mercy and love and we know He has His hands around Cameron."

A fund has been set up on the Facebook page to help pay for medical bills and any other expenses, with $2,535 raised so far.

"People have shown us love and support from all over. It has been powerful," Rhonni said. 

Cameron's case is still under investigation and Shawnee police urge anyone with any information to call (405) 273-2122.

To donate and check on Cameron's condition visit