Dear editor,

It is with great concern I am writing a letter to the editor. I am a widow with no family in Shawnee as my husband passed away in 2015. Therefore, the Shawnee Senior Citizens Center is my lifesaver, Monday through Friday, every week of the year. The director of the facility is my best friend here in Shawnee, as no matter what day it is or what hour of the twenty-four, she answers my phone call and rushes me to the hospital. She saved my life as my indigestion was heart problems. Her warm personality, smile and laughter welcomes all levels of society or income level, which resonates through one’s heart, mind and soul. I have lived, and/or traveled to and from Alaska to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas; Washington to Maine; California to Virginia, even Italy, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, and South American countries, ending my trip through the Panama Canal. I relate that to state that nowhere have I ever met a person, especially with red hair, that has Kate’s fantastic personality. She doesn’t treat anyone differently, no matter the level of society, income or education.   Kate’s smile, laughter and warm personality greets all levels of society and nationality to the Shawnee Senior Citizens Center. I have been active for years in southern Oklahoma, with my own television talk show for seven years and as a reporter and columnist for 43 years, and she is one of the best directors of a senior citizens center that I have ever met.

Correna Wilson Pickens

Shawnee Center Board Member

Silver Haired Senator