The Tecumseh community is invited to A Night of Hope Monday May 6 at 6 p.m. at City Hall where a panel of counselors, parents and experts will discuss mental health and related topics.

According to Cross Timbers Elementary counselor and event coordinator, Kent Scott the purpose of the event is to start a conversation involving the importance of mental health.

"What I want people to understand is that we need to look at mental health and getting help the same way you would view someone having cancer and getting help," Scott said.

Scott explained there will be a panel comprised of counselors, parents and others who've experienced the hardship of mental health.

"There will be people sharing some of their own personal experiences and how they and what they did to get help," Scott said. "We want to bring the discussion out of the darkness...,"

The counselors said he is trying to bridge physical health and getting help with mental health and getting help.

Scott explained the panel is going to discuss numerous topics including mental health among teens, resources in the area and related subjects.

There will also be a question and answer portion of the event to allow the community to become more involved.

Scott said he knows the event will not solve all these issues but it's a start and it will hopefully help people and make a difference.

"It's to start a conversation about mental health and how we help people of all ages and what that looks like and that there's hope to overcoming our struggles with mental health the same way there's hope for people to overcome cancer," Scott said.

Those on the panel include Scott, Kelli Taron, Dr. Ellen Harwell, Jana Phelps, Lacey and Josh Forrester, Renae Arredondo, Jill Newman and Dawn Spriggs.

Scott said he hopes the event will be helpful to someone and encourage others to join the conversation.