It's here.

The third annual Best of News-Star Preps event countdown is being measured in hours now.

Bryant "Big Country" Reeves is ready to meet people at the VIP and congratulate award winners. He was a two-time All-Big Eight Player of the Year and even made the second team all NBA Rookie team. He would have been at an event like this when he was in high school.

It makes you wonder what might be ahead for some of the athletes who win awards Monday night. We don't have any seven-foot tall athletes, but I wonder if Reeves knew what the future held for him when he was winning awards in high school.

Tatton Manning and Seth Knighton of the Patriot Auto Group attending this year's event again. In addition to the brand new Jeep Renegade that will be parked inside FireLake Arena, the Patriot Auto Group is also bringing its Patriot monster truck Monday night.

Paul's Place has a few U-Haul trucks full of food and drinks ready to feed more than 1,100 people who have reserved seats for the event.

We have the red carpet - which happens to be green because color schemes are important and a photo booth so everyone can get pictures at the event with friends and family at no cost thanks to TDK Ferrites. We're giving away a brand new Jeep Renegade with tag, title and tax paid to the Student of the Year and about $8,000 worth of scholarships and prizes - not counting the $2,000 that has already gone to booster clubs across the area as part of the BancFirst and Patriot Auto Group Fan Favorite program.

The FireLake Arena staff had most of the setup done Friday. There are more than 1,000 chairs on the floor of the arena and there are plenty of balcony seats available for people who still want to see their favorite athletes honored and haven't purchased tickets yet. 

We will even be selling balcony seats for $15 at the door until the event is underway.

Year one was great. Year two was even better. The bar is set high for the third annual Best of Preps, but I've seen the program and the venue, this year will be the best so far.