Master's degrees are expected to be granted to 161 candidates as East Central University conducts its 2019 Spring Commencement Ceremonies on Saturday, May 11, at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the Kerr Activities Center.

The ceremony will feature keynote speakers James R. Hamby in the 10 a.m. ceremony and former Oklahoma Gov. George Nigh in the 2 p.m. ceremony.

Local candidates for master's degrees include:

Kaylee Burchardt of Chandler (74834)

Justus Davenport of Harrah (73045)

Justin Gerry of Harrah (73045)

Breeana Jewell of Harrah (73045)

Miles Klupenger of Konawa (74849)

Susan Adcock of Seminole (74868)

Jessica Dinwiddie of Seminole (74868)

Brenda Hall of Seminole (74868)

Lynetta Robins of Seminole (74868)

Brandon Smith of Seminole (74868)

Tanna Baker of Shawnee (74801)

Nicholas Lee of Shawnee (74801)

Jennifer McIntosh of Shawnee (74804)

Roger Morris of Shawnee (74804)

Anna Skender of Shawnee (74801)

Ryan Smith of Shawnee (74804)

Charles Taylor of Shawnee (74804)

Patsy Wheatley-Grimes of Shawnee (74802)

Marissa Hair of Wewoka (74884)