Shawnee Public Schools is currently looking for local businesses who are interested in working with the district to train and motivate students before they enter the job market, while also receiving the chance to “test drive” the incoming talent.  

As part of the ICAP (Individual Career Academic Planning) program, Shawnee Public Schools is partnering with community businesses to offer internships and job shadowing experiences to Shawnee High School junior and senior students during the 2019-2020 school year. Business are also needed to partner for class presentations, student and teacher tours and career fairs.  This initiative will allow students to get hands-on experience in a career field that interests them and  help them plan for the future. 

Shawnee High School students have indicated high interest in future careers in many diverse fields such as health care, animal care, education, graphic design, law, photography and government, said Meggan Wilson, executive director of academics for Shawnee Public Schools. Because of the diversity of career interests, all local businesses are encouraged to partner with the district for internships, she said.

In order for job experiences to begin in fall 2019, businesses interested in providing internships are urged to contact SPS quickly to begin the process, Wilson said.

Any local business interested in partnering with the district may email Curriculum Coordinator Jenny Jasper at in order to receive information and apply for participation.  Jasper may also be reached by phone at (405) 214-7124.