Today, I would like to remind you that a great way to stay trim, healthy, and strong for the rest of your lives is to begin establishing your daily disciplines!

Hello, fitness enthusiasts.

Today, I would like to remind you that a great way to stay trim, healthy, and strong for the rest of your lives is to begin establishing your daily disciplines!  And I promise, when all is said and done, you will be absolutely so proud of yourself, and glad that you did!  I truly believe it all starts with setting your limits and goals, and then following up with the daily disciplines that help you achieve them.  The first discipline I would like you to establish is understanding the concept that your health is very important, and it is no longer a matter of choice, and secondly, you must begin to make conscious decisions daily that promote improvements in your fitness and nutrition programs over time.

It is very important to realize that we are not striving for perfection, because that will ultimately end with failure.  We are our own worst critics, and will never see ourselves as perfect. So, please remember that a perfect body does not exist, however a personal body image that you can be comfortable with, and proud of, does. I encourage you to love who you are, and strive for making yourself the best you can possibly be.

Adopting the daily disciplines of exercise and proper nutrition will lead you to your goals.  Be conscious and proactive about eating five to six small healthy meals to provide your body the fuel and nutrients needed, while promoting weight loss at the same time. This will increase your metabolism, and help you burn more calories during work, sleep, and play. Incorporating a balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and low fats regularly are key to your success as well. Always remember to remind yourself to drink plenty of water, because this task is easily forgotten!

Be confident in your approach to healthy eating. Reading food labels is a great way to gain knowledge for making healthy choices regarding content and caloric intake.

I would like to encourage you to not be hard on yourself.  While improving your nutritional intake and content are important, consider making small progressive changes instead of drastic ones. For example replacing high-fat dairy foods with low-fat or healthy fat choices. 

Challenge yourself on portion sizes, and it is always a good idea to consume calories evenly throughout the day.  Be careful here, because we typically underestimate the amount of food we actually eat.  At home, the use of a food scale may be helpful in determining what an actual ounce of a particular food choice may be.

And finally, in addition to solid food choices, the appropriate use of nutritional supplements may be included in a balanced approach to optimize personal fitness and health. Most of the time, we do not eat the right foods, or from poor eating throughout our lives, have become deficient in essential vitamins and minerals.  Being deficient in necessary nutrients can drastically affect your performance, health, weight loss, and how good you feel. Proper supplementation can fill these nutritional gaps and enhance the energy and recovery processes in the body. A good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is a great start, and can be very beneficial for good health, while supporting your body’s efforts to keep your fitness program moving forward in high gear with healthy energy.

Until next week, remember discipline weighs ounces, and regret weighs tons!  Please go out and make it a healthy, fit, and nutritious day!  To get started on healthy weight loss, and or wellness nutrition products contact Reggies Personal Training and Nutrition, 104 E. Main, Downtown Shawnee, (405) 613-0237, or message on Facebook at Reggies Personal Training and Nutrition.

Reggie Grovey is a local 21-year fitness professional and nationally certified personal trainer and Advocare Nutrition independent distributor.