He watched through the lens and focused on the first man in the row. Slowly, John-Clay Burnett maneuvered his camera, making sure to capture all the faces of the Oklahoma Singing Churchmen for yet another ReelCast Productions promotional video.

According to the Shawnee filmmaker, he, his wife and other artists, spend hours creating content that connects with people.

"ReelCast Productions is a professional video services business that helps companies reach their audiences using visual media," Burnett said.

He said he started ReelCast in 2005 after interning at Character First for three years and since then the company has grown.

"We do projects all over. I've been to Haiti, I've been to Ukraine and then just all over the U.S. doing stuff," Burnett said. "We try to specialize in testimonial video which we then combine with cinematic footage to craft a compelling message."

For 14 years Burnett has edited movies, won awards and filmed all over the world but he said he didn't take the traditional route of film school.

"I attended film festivals which had workshops. I subscribed to a lot of filmmaking magazines...So you could say I'm self taught but it comes through content creation and then getting that content reviewed by other professionals and learning how to take criticism...," Burnett said.

The filmmaker explained in addition to promotional videos, he freelances and works on various other projects.

The number of people who assist on promotional videos and other ReelCast projects varies, Burnett explained.

"The core team is me and my wife, Sarah, and we're coming up on our four year anniversary," he said. "Before that it was just me and...I've had up to teams of five on projects."

The father of two said he and Sarah met when she was working in marketing for Serving India Ministries and hired him to oversee the editing team.

The film editor said he loves working with his wife because together they make a great team.

"We understand each other and when we're on productions together we just know each other. We bounce ideas of each other and she's my first go to on everything," Burnett said.

Sarah shares her husband's opinion and explained she enjoys being apart of ReelCast Productions and managing all the realistic details of a project.

"John-Clay can visually see the stories in his head, and I can see all the details, finding the nips and tucks to make the project fit so that it works best for the client," Sarah said.

The mother of two said they fit well together in business and in their personal lives.

"We love sharing all of life, raising our two boys and running a company," Sarah said. "Our strengths complement each other's well, and it’s incredibly satisfying for me to work with someone as talented and caring as John-Clay."

ReelCast works quite a bit with Christian ministries and Burnett said he enjoys producing content that presents a message in a quality film.

"In my mind I'm successful when my clients are successful which means their customers were successful," Burnett. "It's all about the audience."

The filmmaker explained ReelCast won "Best Promotional Video" for the fourth time at the 2019 Christian Worldview Film Festival (CWVFF).

The company took second place and then won the category with their promotional video about the Oklahoma Singing Churchmen.

"We were very excited and honored. It was a competitive category. I was excited for the Signing Churchmen. They're a high quality group and I wanted to produce something that matched their level of excellence," he said.

For Burnett, in addition to working with Sarah, the best aspect of filmmaking is working with people and bringing their vision to life.

"We're more than just a video service...we really want to help (clients) grow their businesses or organizations, so understanding their needs and where the holes are that we can help fill with video (is) fun," Burnett said.

He said another aspect he values is interviewing people and though throughout the course of his career he's done thousands of interviews, he still loves it.

"I like working with the people to see if we're a good fit...I love just having conversations and making it a comfortable conversation and experience for them and seeing people interact with that content," Burnett said.

In addition to filming and editing movies, Burnett said he enjoys teaching others the ins and outs of filmmaking.

"I teach on editing, color and all this stuff. I love teaching. So many people invested in me when I was getting started and I love to try and help other people that are getting started to overcome the hurdles of starting a business and getting into film and production," Burnett said.

The father of two said he has taught at the CWVFF and is the course instructor for Motion University which has an online eight week course that walks students through making a promotional video.

The couple said they hope ReelCast will continue to grow, they'll continue making impactful films and will continue helping companies "Connect with (their) Audience."

For more information about ReelCast Productions visit reelcastproductions.com.