Irene Latham died May 4, 2019, at The Regency in Shawnee. She was 85.

Irene Latham died May 4, 2019, at The Regency in Shawnee. She was 85.

Born March 7, 1934, in Tecumseh to Lester Boone (deceased) and Ruth (James) Kieffer (deceased). Irene was the oldest of seven children: Colleen Stover, James (deceased), Patsy (Otho) Montgomery, Floyd (Anona), Charlotte Harrison, and Gary (Beverly), and met the love of her life (her superman) while working at the Hamburger King in Shawnee.

She married William Jefferson Latham Jr. (deceased) on Oct. 14, 1953, in Okmulgee. They had four children: William Alan (deceased) Latham (Heather), Janet Sue (Robert) Wiley of Fort Lupton, Jeffrey Lynn Latham (Allison McCoy) of Denver, Barbara Ann (James) Provancal of Aurora; grandchildren Levi Alan Latham, Littleton, Natalie Rose Provancal and Nicholas James Provancal of Aurora, Colorado.

Irene also worked as a telephone operator, a food bank agency coordinator and in her later years discovered her love of education as a substitute teacher in the Brighton and Fort Lupton, Colorado, school districts; she loved the children and was fondly known as “Mrs. L.” She also was very involved with 4-H for all four of her children and was always ready to lend a hand with whatever the projects were, from electrical, sewing, baking, animal care and showing. She also loved the outdoors and with her husband and kids took many hiking, camping, fishing and hunting trips throughout Wyoming and Colorado. They also loved to ski and ice skate. She was an animal person, and for her 32nd birthday her husband Bill gave her a quarter horse, and not long after another horse followed. She broke both horses for riding all by herself. Along the way through the many chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, turkeys and peacocks, she whittled it down to just 30 head of cattle, which she cared for all by herself into her late 70s.

She was always good for a kind word and conversation and had many friends that she liked to keep in touch with. She was young at heart and always enjoyed being around young people, especially babies. She was often head strong and once she made her mind up on something it was hard to sway her otherwise. A year and a half ago she decided to move back to Tecumseh to get reacquainted with her siblings since she had moved to Colorado with her husband right after they were married when she was 18. He worked for Halliburton and was relocated frequently with the oil service company in the '50s and '60s. They moved back to Colorado in 1971 living in the Brighton-Fort Lupton area. Along with the above surviving siblings, children and grandchildren, Irene is also survived by many nieces, nephews, and cousins. She loved and was loved and will be greatly missed by all.

Cremation is being handled by Cooper Funeral Home, Tecumseh.

A private ceremony will be held at Hillside Cemetery in Fort Lupton.