The bulk of Monday's Shawnee City Commission meeting is all about water — namely automated meter reading.

The bulk of Monday's Shawnee City Commission meeting is all about water — namely automated meter reading.

When the board gets together, details are set to be ironed out, pushing implementation of a new water usage system ever closer.

On the Municipal Authority agenda, a resolution may be adopted, approving a clean water SRF loan from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for no more than $5,745,000. The loan is being applied for to pay for installation of an automated meter reading system throughout the city. The city, recently established a $6 monthly maintenance fee on city water bills to fund the project. Those funds will be used to pay off the loan.

In tandem with the loan, bids to install the automated meter reading system may be considered — and one may be awarded. This month three bids were received.

“A panel consisting of six staff extensively reviewed the three proposals and unanimously agreed the proposal submitted by Core and Main best met the needs of the City,” the agenda reads. “Staff concurs with the engineering firm Holloway, Updike, and Bellen, INC. and recommends awarding the contract to Core and Main for the Base Bid with Add Alternate 1 (approximately 10,800 5/8-inch and 1,000 3/4-inch solid state water meters — materials only) and Add Alternate 3 (approximately 1,000 5/8-inch solid state meters with remote shutoff capability) in the amount of $4,745,237.65.”

Though staff has recommended awarding a bid, the board has the final say with its vote.

In other business, a 2003 Ford Expedition from the police department may be declared surplus. If so, it will be donated to the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office.

Also, Interim City Manager may get a nod from the commission, allowing him to sign an agreement with Crawford and Associates for accounting, financial management, and consulting services for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. Recently Mayor Richard Finley discussed plans to propel Assistant City Manager and Finance Director Chance Allison into the role of City Manager.

Commissioners may amend an ordinance regarding flagpoles. A section may be created in the Zoning Code, which describes in more detail its stance on height and placement of flags and flagpoles.

On the Airport Authority agenda, bids may be considered whether to lease some Shawnee Airport property at Jonco Road, a half mile west of Highway 18, for harvesting hay.

The 6 p.m. meeting will take place Monday in the Bertha Ann Young City Commission Chambers at City Hall, at 16 W. 9th St.