For the first time the Gypsy Horse Show Association (GHSA) is putting on a show in Shawnee where they will be riding this rare horse breed at the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center on May 25-26.

According to GHS member and horse owner, Connie Belair, people from all over the country including Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and other states will be showing their Gypsy horses at the Expo Center.

“The Gypsy Horse Show is something to showcase what the Gypsies can do. They do a lot like the quarter horses and painted horses, but this is to showcase the breed,” Belair said.

Belair explained Gypsy horses are relatively new to the United States as they’ve only been here since about 1995 and they come from various countries in Europe such as England, Ireland and other countries.

“(People can expect) beautiful horses doing everything that a regular quarter horse can do. They can run barrels…they can sort…you name it they can do it,” Belair said.

Belair said there will be various types of Gypsy horses in numerous colors and sizes pulling wagons and doing other such activities.

In addition to horses and riders from all over the country, Belair said three sisters from her church Rockin Cross Ranch Ministries youth group.

Harrah High School students, Hannah Dozier, 18, and her 15-year-old twin sisters Carrie and Debbie Dozier, will be showing and riding three of Belair’s horses for the first time.

“It’s really fun because we’re usually used to pig, sheep and cows so whenever you’re in the rink with a horse it’s like a whole new feeling,” Debbie said. “When you beat one person it makes you want to go over and hug your horse the whole time and you’re so proud of your horse because you connect and you’re just one out in the rink.”

For Carrie, she’s looking forward to showing the people of Shawnee how special the horses are.

“I think it’s a lot of fun and it’s going to be interesting for our first time showing gypsy horses because it’s a new aspect on the showing world…and it’s mainly just the trust between you and your horse…,” Carrie said.

Hannah explained she’s excited to experience working with a new animal and showing people the difference between Gypsy horses, cows and other animals.

“It’s just fascinating to see the difference between showing a pig and showing a horse and then showing a cow to a horse because a lot of people think showing a cow and a horse are the same…but it’s a lot different and I’m ready to start,” Hannah said.

Belair said the GHSA is hoping to see at least 80-150 people at the show which is free to the public. The show will be in the back two barns of the Expo Center.

Belair explained horses are a huge part of her life and she’s excited to show Shawnee the beauty of Gypsies.

“I’ve been riding horses since I was two year old so when I was able to get a Gypsy I just went with it. It was one of my dream horses…,” Belair said.

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