A ruling by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals on Thursday means a McLoud teenager charged in the shooting death of another teen will now proceed to trial in Pottawatomie County as a certified youthful offender.

The appellate court heard oral arguments in the appeal filed by defendant lsabella Irene Sabas, 16, who is charged in the October 2018 McLoud shooting that resulted in the death of sophomore Kaylen Thomas, 16.

Sabas is charged with the felony of first-degree manslaughter by reckless conduct with a firearm and she filed an appeal seeking to be certified as a juvenile for proceedings in juvenile court.

But the appellate judges voted unanimously and returned a decision in five minutes affirming Pottawatomie County Special District Judge David Cawthon's ruling that denied Saba's motion to certify her as a juvenile delinquent, according to Pottawatomie County District Attorney Allan Grubb's office.

“I'm happy with the court's decision to proceed with the case in an effort to get swift justice for the family,” Grubb said. “I am disappointed, however, that the defendant chose to add this unnecessary step and cause an increase in the delay to justice.”

As a result of Thursday's ruling, Sabas will be scheduled to appear before District Judge John Canavan for a formal arraignment as her case proceeds to trial in Pottawatomie County District Court.

Another teenager who was charged in connection with this shooting death was initially charged through the juvenile system and then charged in January as a youthful offender. Court records show that teen's youthful offender case was later dismissed. While the matter likely returned to juvenile court, the status of that case cannot be confirmed because juvenile court records are not public.

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