Due to repeated storms in the area — which have caused some local flooding problems — City of Shawnee Director of Operations James Bryce issued a statement alerting residents to the closure of the boat ramps on Lake No. 1.

“Due to high water levels at the Shawnee Twin Lakes, the boat ramps on Lake No. 1 will be closed until water recedes enough for safe loading and unloading of watercraft,” Bryce said. “The boat ramp on Lake No. 2 will remain open as long as the water level does not rise.”

He urged residents to remain mindful of the lake rules.


On Lake No. 1, swimming is designated only at Isaac Walton’s Park and Glenn Collins Memorial Park; Camping is allowed only at Isaac Walton’s Park; fishing is allowed — but not jug lines; and skiing, tubing, and jet skis are allowed.

On Lake No. 2, there is no swimming, skiing, tubing or jet skis. Fishing is allowed, as well as jug lines.

“If you unload at Lake No. 2 for the purpose of swimming, skiing, tubing, or jet skis,” Bryce said, “you must take the connecting channel back to Lake No. 1 before recreating.”

He said staff will continue to monitor the water level around the boat ramps at Lake No. 1, and when water recedes enough that safe loading and unloading can be obtained, the ramps will be reopened.

For more information, call (405) 878-1529. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.