Keith served in combat in Okinawa during World War II, while his son, Russell, fought in Korea during the Vietnam War and Russell Jr. flew planes during the conflict with Iraq.

All of them are from the Furgason family and make up three generations of military men as father, son and grandson who fought in three of the country's greatest wars.

Keith first tried to enlist in any branch of the military following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but was denied because he was deaf in his left ear. However, shortly after he turned 18 in August of 1943, Keith was drafted into the Army and boarded a brand new Kaiser-class battleship that was supposed to take him overseas.

"We took off from Fort Lewis Washington and just as we crossed the Equator our ship broke down. It quit...We (sat) there and bobbled in the ocean like a top in water and we just knew any minute a Jap submarine or something would come around and blow us out of the water...," Keith said.

The 93-year-old, of Shawnee, explained the men were lucky and eventually made their way to British New Guinea, then Dutch New Guinea, then the Philippines and finally Okinawa.

"We were preparing ourselves to invade Japan...If it hadn't been for the atomic bomb there would have been 200 or 300 more men killed...," Keith said.

The veteran explained after he arrived in Japan he was given a job as a criminal investigator and served in Occupied Japan in 1946, a year after the war ended.

Keith spent a total of three years in WWII from 1943-1946 and he explained when he came back to the United States and visited his sister in Kansas City, he had a massive craving for something other than Spam.

"She said 'what can I fix you that you miss' and I said 'I want a head of lettuce and a quart of milk.' She said 'okay' and she got me a head of lettuce and a quart of milk and I ate it all," Keith said. "I was so dang hungry for lettuce I just couldn't help it."

Keith explained when he came home in 1946 he worked various jobs before becoming a railroad engineer, a job he would hold for 43 years.

"I felt grateful that I got to come back because so many people didn't," Keith said.

When he came home in 1946, Keith said the military convinced him to sign up for inactive duty and for five years he was inactive, but then was deployed to fight in Korea. He explained he didn't go overseas this time around because he was medically discharged after getting a bad case of Jungle Rot.

Despite everything he endured though, Keith said he's very happy he had the chance to come home.

Keith met his wife Sharon while they were both volunteering at a homeless shelter and Sharon explained they bonded, eventually got married and have been together for almost 28 years.

Since he retired from the military, Keith said he's lived a long life and many people now honor him for being a veteran by thanking him for his service and buying his dinner now and then.

"I've really had a full life. No one could ask for more. I'm very fortunate," Keith said.

Like his father, Russell Furgason fought in combat for the Army and he said he enlisted in January of 1968 and served until July of 1971 as a Buck Sergeant E-5.

"I was in the military during the Vietnam (War) but I served in Korea," Russell said.

Russell said before he went overseas and while he served, he was in various places in the United States doing his basic training and other schooling.

"I was a Site Chief and I worked on a Hercules missile site on a missile battery," Russell said.

Unlike his father, Russell was not drafted into the Army. He explained he decided to join when he was 17 years old because it was a common thing to do and he thought it would help with his educational plans.

"At that time everyone was joining the military and I thought it would be pretty good to get out of the military and get to go to college and so that gave me an incentive to join," Russell said.

The veteran explained he's proud to have three generations of military men in the family.

"It's good now. We all three belong to the McWhorter-Weston VFW (Veteran of Foreign Affairs) Post up here in Cushing...and we're the only family in that post that has three (generations) — grandfather, father and son to be members of that post," Russell said.

Russell said many aspects of being in the military have changed his life and the way he lives it, such as self discipline.

Now the veteran lives with his wife on an 80-acre farm and takes care of everything there to keep things running smoothly.

Similar to his father and grandfather, Russ Jr. enlisted in the military, but served 20 years in the Navy as Petty Officer First Class.

Russ Jr. said he joined in 1999 and did two tours in Iraq — in 2006 and 2011 — as a Flight Engineer and a Radar Operator.

"I was deployed in Iraq for 2,500 days during my time (in the military)," Russ Jr. said.

Like Keith and Russell, Russ Jr. went to various bases throughout his time in the Navy. He said he worked at Tinker Air Force Base for 11 years and was in Jacksonville, Florida for a while.

Russ Jr. recently became a veteran when he officially retired form the Navy a few weeks ago, but he now works at Tinker Air Force Base again in Task Development.

"It felt fantastic to retire but I miss it," Russ Jr. said.

For Russ Jr., two things inspired him to join the Navy — his grandfather and father and being able to attend college for free.

"I think it's pretty cool that's there three of us and we are all (home)," Russ Jr. said.

Normally the Furgason family visits a cemetery in Cushing, which has a ceremony for fallen soldiers, and spends time at the Cushing VFW for Memorial Day.

This year Keith and Sharon are visiting family and Russell will attend the cemetery service in Cushing, while Russ Jr. is seeing other friends from his time in the Navy.

Though the trio won't be together on Memorial Day this year, each will honor friends and fellow soldiers who weren't able to return from their service.

"All of us got to come home and all of us had a good life after," Keith said.