Carter Baldwin, a national executive search firm, in collaboration with the OBU Presidential Search Committee, has released the OBU President Search profile. The document is available on the Carter Baldwin website, and the search committee is now inviting inquiries, nominations and applications for OBU’s 16th president.

During their Feb. 8 meeting, the OBU Board of Trustees approved the 12-member OBU presidential search committee to lead the charge in searching for OBU’s next president, following the retirement of Dr. David W. Whitlock as university president in January.

Based on the recommendation of the search committee, OBU retained the services of Carter Baldwin to assist in the nationwide search.

Representatives from Carter Baldwin visited the OBU campus for two days in May to meet with the presidential search committee, the Board of Trustees and groups of faculty and staff to develop a list of essential qualities the person selected as OBU’s next president should possess.

Members of the Presidential Search Committee include Ben Stewart, chair; Brian Gilbert, vice chair; Scott Neighbors, secretary; LaVerne Dowding; Danna Humphreys; Jeff Moore; Owen Nease; and Steve Allen. Ex officio, non-voting members of the search committee include faculty representative Dr. Bret Roark, chair-elect of the OBU faculty council, professor of psychology and chair of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences; alumni representative Jami Smith; student body representative Clayton Myers, president of the Student Government Association; and BGCO Executive Director-Treasurer Hance Dilbeck.

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