For the last several days, communities throughout Pottawatomie County have experienced multiple inches of rainfall which has caused significant issues for several schools as they proceed with construction projects.

Many different districts throughout the county have started or are working on various construction projects to improve their facilities.

However, due to all the rain, many projects are behind and administrators have had to push back their completion dates.

For example, according to McLoud Superintendent Steve Stanley, rain has set construction on their new intermediate school for fourth to sixth graders back about 70 days.

Stanley said originally the school was going to be finished by the Fall but it might be closer to the Spring semester.

In addition to McLoud, projects at Dale Public Schools have also fallen behind a bit due to all the rain.

According to Superintendent Charlie Dickinson, all the rain has set construction on the new high school building back a few weeks. He said he's still hopeful the building will be completed by the time school resumes.

Gordon Cooper Technology Center has also fallen behind on the construction process of its new Public Safety Center.

Despite the delay, many are hopeful the projects will be completed soon and the necessary improvements will be made to their district.

For more information on other construction and updates made to Pott. County schools read the News-Star's special Progress edition in the Weekender.