Located in Downtown Shawnee at 207 E. Main Street lies family-owned business Reeves Antiques & Things, full of unique and interesting items.

Owned by Howard and Jackie Dunsworth and their daughter Ashton, Reeves Antiques & Things contains a plethora of merchandise and 16 different booths.

"We have not just antiques but we have vintage and collectibles. The antiques are anything that's over 100 years old, vintage is just over 50 years old but collectables it could be from the 70s...," Howard said. "So that's one thing we do other than most antique stores is we'll get customers wanting to fulfill a collection and we'll help them fill that collection."

The business owner said he, Jackie and Ashton find their items from vendors online, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets and people who visit their store.

Howard said in addition to their store front, he and his family sell their merchandise online throughout numerous platforms such as Etsy, Ebay and the Facebook Marketplace.

"Our biggest challenge a lot of the time is the weather. If the (bad) weather is here nobody shows up and so we put things on the Internet...and try to cover more than just what comes through the door because to survive you basically have to do that," Howard said.

In addition to selling items, Howard said his wife and daughter refurbish furniture and other things for customers and in their store.

"A lot of the furniture up here is a lot of furniture they redid themselves and so that's a service that we also provide," Howard said.

Before buying the store from Kathy and Mack Reeves about a year ago, Howard said he had a full time job but decided to purchase the store after having lunch with Ashton.

"As I was walking by there was a sign on the building and so I went to lunch with (Ashton) and it kept going in my head over and over...," Howard said.

Howard explained at first he was interested in investing in the building but after taking a look inside and visiting with Kathy and Mack, he and his family decided to run it together.

"I came in the next five days in a row looking in and asking questions about the building and so we cut a deal...," Howard said.

Jackie explained, while Kathy and Mack sold the store, they didn't stop being a part of it, so Kathy works in the store and Mack has his own booth.

"They didn't really want to quit they just wanted more time together," Jackie said.

Together the families work to make Reeve's a successful business.

"So what started out to be a hobby and an investment turned into a viable business," Howard said.

All the family members explained they enjoy visiting with customers and helping them find whatever treasure they maybe looking for.

For Howard, Jackie and Ashton, the best aspect of owning their antique store is learning and running a business together.

"I like being able to when someone says 'can you help me find this' that I can get online and help them locate it," Howard said.

Ashton said one of her favorite aspects of owning the store with her parents is making new memories such as going on road trips for new product.

Howard explained the store philosophy is to make sure the merchandise is ever changing.

"We pride ourselves in changing it up. There's something that comes through this door everyday new so you never know...," Howard said.

Ashton said Reeve's also tries to provide reasonably prices items so people can afford to purchase the items they want.

The family said they also participate in community activities such as the annual Block Party or Boo on Bell.

As time progresses, Howard said the family will continue to grow in the community and online as they sell and purchase more unique items for their selection.

Reeves Antiques is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.