Recently I joined a Facebook page geared toward exchanging plants. Perusing the page, I soon came upon several likely candidates that I was interested in acquiring; so, needed to take a stroll through my Two Acre Paradise/Three Dog Circus to see what I may have available for trade. Intending to be outside for just “a few minutes” I saw no need to change out of my pink Tweety bird pajamas. A fine mist was falling, thunder rumbling in the distance when I opened the back door thus, I was almost bowled over by two anxious German shepherds wanting to come inside. I gazed at them with pity thinking, “Where is your spirit of adventure? You don’t know what you’re missing. The thunder isn’t THAT loud and it’s barely raining.” After getting the fainthearted dogs settled in their indoor beds, I proceeded on with my task. Outside I strolled along brick pathways that Sweet Hubby and I constructed several years ago. Each time a plant caught my attention, I thought about how it made its way into my landscape:

The winter honeysuckle just off the back patio came from Betty; smoke tree, bright pink peony--Linda B; Becky Daisies, Hellebores-- Tom; catmint, salvia, heliotrope-- Joan; hardy geranium—Bobbie R (by way of Gerry); inland sea oats—also Gerry; castor bean—Virginia; toad lilies, white and pink oxalis, hardy red hibiscus—Beulah; oak leaf hydrangea—Cathy; French hollyhock, several colors Rose of Sharon, forsythia—Mama…….

This is all within 30 feet of the back door and only a small portion of my jungle.

Rain began to pick up a little and as my PJs were becoming transparent, I went back inside—no, not to stay—to put on my red plaid flannel robe. I re-traced my steps along the brick pathway, keeping an eye out for problems within paradise while mentally cataloging more of my plants origins: Old double wash tub recycled as planter, beautiful cream colored peonies, Autumn clematis—Sweet Hubby’s Aunt Bonnie; cannas, daylilies, iris—Lavoe; more iris, lilies, hardy orange, sweet pea—Betty(again); lime tree, lemonade tree, Madagascar palm—Jane; Zebra grass—Teresa; Chitalpa tree, Stella D’oro black-eyed daylilies, mock orange—Ted; and the list goes on and on.

With thunder rumbling ever closer I began to think the cowardly dogs may have the right idea. I could imagine being found—extra crispy due to a lightning strike—in my pink Tweety bird pajamas and red plaid flannel robe with my curly hair standing straight up on my head or perhaps burned off completely. Oh, the humiliation!

If by chance my body should be found someday on my little two acres of paradise after my spirit has move on, I hope I’m wearing my comfy Ariat work boots, my best holey socks, favorite carpenter jeans with my preferred small pruners tucked into the right side pocket, an old cotton T shirt, a cast off long sleeved light-weight shirt, too shabby to wear out in public and a beat up straw hat snugged down tight; if fate/destiny is kind, I’ll have my most beloved dirt diggin’ hand tool clutch in my right hand.

Should this circumstance come about, I hope it is on a stormy day so that the cowardly dogs will be in the house, snuggled up in their beds. I know they like me…maybe even love me, but if I’m awfully late with their chow and they are really, really hungry…well, who knows. And with that interesting thought in mind…

As always, happy gardening,