If asked about living to 100, Auburn Sims will say it’s “fun and it’s no fun.”

Sims, who moved to Shawnee 25 years ago, just celebrated his 100th birthday on June 13. Being hard of hearing and having difficulties speaking are things he dislikes about old age, but he does remember a few things about his youth.

Sims, an Arkansas native who moved to Oklahoma as a teenager, was an automobile repairman by trade and once knew the model of every car –– or at least, most of them.

“I could tell you more than I can now,” Sims said.

He was also in World War II, on a ship of soldiers who would have been sent to fight in Japan, when the war ended. When a celebratory gun on the ship went off without warning, he lost hearing in one ear from standing right under it.

Sims, who now lives with his daughter Roberta Duy and her husband, was active in Temple Baptist Church and has been a strong believer since he was about 20, Duy said.

“I might not be able to tell you the day or week or month or anything, but I can tell you I am a born again child of God and Jesus Christ is my savior…I’m not going to lose that,” Sims said.

Sims insists that there is no secret to his old age.

“He lived a clean life and worked hard,” Duy said of her father.

Sims celebrated his birthday with about 40 friends and family members, including his other daughter, who brought him a coconut pie –– his favorite.