In the workshop in his back yard, 75-year-old Shawnee resident Harold Daugherty uses various parts of old unwanted trophies and transforms them into new fishing trophies given to children who compete in his fishing tournaments.

According to Daugherty, for 55 years he has organized fishing tournaments and made trophies for the youth at his church and in the community.

"People started throwing them away and I started looking for them and so when people find out I rebuilt trophies for kids I began to get a lot of trophies," Daugherty said.

The Sunday school teacher said he receives vintage trophies from the store in Downtown Shawnee and from numerous people throughout the community.

"I don't turn down any trophies. Sometimes I get them and they've been sitting outside and they're wet and they're really messed up but what I do is I save the parts. The parts are very important," Daugherty said.

Daugherty teaches first through third grade Sunday school at Hilltop Baptist Church and he said each trophy he makes is different whether it be size, shape or other factors.

"The kids they all love trophies. I get golf trophies. Mostly a lot of the ball trophies...I get them from all over," Daugherty said.

He explained he keeps a log of all the different places he gets the trophies and they range from Texas to Virginia to Florida and beyond.

Daugherty also puts his own stickers on the trophies he remakes. He explained he also recycles old cards and gives them to members of the nursing home.

The trophy maker was born in Edmond, has lived in Shawnee most of his life and retired from working as a truck driver, yard foreman and other jobs in 2005.

Now he lives with his wife, Carolyn of 48 years and in addition to making trophies and organizing fishing tournaments, Daugherty helps members of the community and teaches anyone who wants to learn how to fish.

"I like to help people and I like to get out (in the community)" Daugherty said. "You've got to reach out to people that (are) hurting. Somebody's got to do it."

Daugherty explained he tries to have two fishing tournaments a month, but with the flooding and all the rain, it's been a challenge. However, Hilltop will have it first tournament in a while on Saturday, June 15, and as usual everyone who competes will receive a trophy.

In addition to trophies, Daugherty also provides fishing equipment to children who need it.

The Sunday school teacher said sometimes the children ask if he has trophies for their family members and he said he usually does.

"It's exciting. It really is. I love giving them out," Daugherty said.

Daugherty said at the fishing tournaments many of the children have never been fishing but when they do they're excited.

"I think that's the greatest enjoyment, is seeing kids that never caught a fish (catch one)," Daugherty said.

The trophy maker explained at times he considered giving up his craft, but could never really bring himself to do it.

"Several times I thought about giving it up...I tried to find somebody that would take it over if they like to build trophies...," Daugherty said.

Over the years the father of two has made thousands of trophies and Daugherty said he plans on making trophies and fishing until he no longer can.