For the last five weekends, Environmental Crimes has held dump days giving citizens of Pottawatomie County the chance to get rid of big trash and Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the District 3 County Barn are the final dump days.

According to Deputy Shaun Copelin, head of Environmental Crimes, the countywide clean up is an opportunity to make Shawnee and surrounding areas clean and nice for its citizens.

Copelin said he predicts by the time all dump day events are complete, Environmental Crimes will have picked up around 100,000 pounds of trash or about 50 tons.

"We have received an outstanding response from the community...," Copelin said.

Copelin explained Environmental Crimes has made it possible for citizens to properly get rid of their trash and it's an affordable way to do so.

"We deserve a healthy, safe and beautiful place to raise our families," Copelin said.

Copelin said a year ago the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) awarded Environmental Crimes a $50,000 for their program.

Over the last year, the deputy said Environmental Crimes has picked up tons of trash, identified several illegal dumpsites and worked with local businesses to keep Pott. County clean.

He said he hopes to partner with Brooksville Road Environmental Services, a landfill in Tecumseh.

Recently the deputy applied for a new grant from the DEQ and he said it will be approved by the beginning of July.

In the future, he hopes for the program to be self-sustaining and to continue picking up illegal trash throughout the county.

The District 3 County Barn for this weekend's dumpster site is located at 29131 Johnson Road in Maud.