Hello fellow gardeners!

Well, I truly thought that by now our weather would be back to blast furnace temperatures, but we are still getting wet! Will all of you that prayed for rain last year please apologize to God for bothering Him?!

So, since we are still living in swampland, (my yard at least ) let’s focus on some gardening ideas we will be able to do while we are waiting to dry out.

Pot, hanging baskets, and deck/window boxes are a way to add color and beauty to any home. No porch or patio to sit them on? No big deal at all!

When shopping for flowers, we are all attracted to the full, overflowing, and lush hanging baskets and deco pots in the garden center. We then have a moment of sticker shock! But, when we try to replicate them at home, our efforts are less then stellar, leaving us to ponder if we should have just shelled out the money for the pre-made ones. Don’t. Three key things to remember and you will be showing up the store bought ones every year.

My friend Steve Owens of Bustani Nursery in Stillwater taught me the secret for a great looking pot or basket. You simply need a Thriller, a Filler, and a Spiller.

Thrillers are the plants that really catch our eye. They are usually tall, with bold foliage or flowers. They catch a person’s interest long enough to to make you go closer for a second look.

Fillers are just that, some plant to fill up space in the gaps. Mexican Heather, Periwinkles, Impatiens, and Lobelia are great fillers, putting in a splash of extra color ad texture where needed.

Spillers are the trailers that give a third dimension to your pot. Lobelias, Petunias, Verbena, Calibrachoa, Blue Daze, Portulaca, and Cuphea are all great for this, giving you basket or pot the depth it needs to shine.

Add some time release fertilizer to a quality potting mix, water well, and sit back and enjoy your creation!

Happy gardening everyone! Try to stay dry!