Cracker Barrel waitress and 18-year-old Loretta Penny was presented with an award from members of the Shawnee Fire Department Friday for saving the life of a customer June 14.

According to Penny, last Friday when she was serving at Cracker Barrel, one of her customers started having health issues and before the paramedics arrived lost her pulse.

Penny said she performed CPR on the woman.

"I realized she wasn't just passed out she was unresponsive, she didn't have a pulse, she wasn't breathing so...we just laid her down on the ground and I performed a round of CPR...and then I checked her pulse and she had a pulse and she came back," Penny said.

Penny recently received her EMT license and is moving to Virginia to finish her training to become a paramedic.

She said she was happy to be in the right place at the right time.

"It's amazing and I'm glad I was there," Penny said.

According to firefighter Devin Abney, Penny handled the situation very well and saved the woman's life.

"After about a minute of us assessing her we found that she had a pulse. She started to become more conscious but as far as we know she really may have not had a pulse when Loretta performed CPR. So we do believe it saved her life," Abney said.