The Oklahoma Tax Commission has announced a new license plate law going into effect July 1 requires drivers to keep their old license plates when selling their cars.

According to Charlotte Britton, tag agent at the Tag Agency of Shawnee, the new law specifies what drivers need to do with their plate if they buy from a dealership or a person.

"When an individual sells their car it doesn't have to have a plate and the buyer has five days to put a new plate on the car but they need a dated bill of sale," Britton said.

Should the buyer have the tag from their previous car, then they have 30 days to renew the registration to the new car.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission says if someone buys a car from a dealership, the car would come with a paper tag and drivers will have 30 days to register the car in order to avoid penalties.

When officially registering the car, buyers will have the choice of placing their old tag on the car or purchasing a new one from the OTC or local tag agency.

Also under the new law, Oklahoman drivers will be required to carry their annual certificates of registration in their cars at all times. That paperwork is issued at the time of initial registration and annually when the car registration is renewed.

Britton said other states in the country already have this law and Oklahoma is catching up.

"People have been calling and I think it's making people more aware that they have to keep the registration with them...It's not going to change a whole lot except what we put in the computer," Britton said.

Though confusing, Britton said the new law will not make the tag and registration process much different.

"It might make people come to the tag agency sooner so they don't get in trouble," Britton said.