In early June it was revealed by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services that the Golden Rule Home in Shawnee was one of 400 nursing homes nominated as a Special Focus Facility.

According to administrator of Golden Rule Home, Gwyn Gilkeson, to be a Special Focus Facility means an aspect of the facility is dedicated as a red flag to Medicare.

"Our facility got picked for Special Focus because in the past we have had some very bad surveys and then we had a very rapid improvement so with that rapid improvement it actually sent a red flag to Medicare...," Gilkeson said.

The administrator said the rapid improvement made it seem as though the facility didn't truly get better in such a short amount of time.

Currently Golden Rule is still under Special Focus and has been since right before Christmas in 2018.

"We are actually on the list for a positive reason because we turned it around so quickly and so (with) Special Focus instead of the annual surprise survey that we get from the state surveyors, we're getting an every six month surprise survey," Gilkeson said.

The surveyors, Gilkeson said, inspect the facility thoroughly and any deficiencies they find are reported and then Golden Rule will have a certain amount of time to rectify it before they are surveyed again.

"In January we had our first six month survey...and we got two deficiencies that were not related to poor resident care — they were paperwork," Gilkeson said. "In February they cleared us."

The administrator said in May the surveyors came back for their second six month survey and found four deficiencies that were also paperwork related.

Gilkeson explained Golden Rule has fixed those deficiencies and in July will be surveyed one last time before being cleared and taken off the Special Focus Facility list.

According to Gilkeson, when she first found out about the list, she told all 60 plus Golden Rule residents and their families.

No one has assumed the worst about the Golden Rule, but Gilkeson said she looks forward to being off the list.

"We're just good people taking care of the greatest generation ever," Gilkeson said.

The Special Focus Facility program is something people don't fully understand, Gilkeson said. She explained while sometimes the homes nominated don't have the best residential care, sometimes other homes are triggered for something seemingly bad, which was the case for Golden Rule.

As time goes on, Gilkeson said she hopes Golden Rule will continue to improve and help residents feel safe and loved.