Matthew Dougherty graduated from the Basic Academy with the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training in June of 2015.

He began his law enforcement career with the Shawnee Police Department in 2019.

Before he became an officer, Dougherty said he was previously employed by the District Attorney’s office as an Investigator for District 23 District Attorney’s Office and has eight years of service with the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

The officer said he looks forward to helping people first hand when he's on patrol and being able to build a relationship between the police department and the community.

He explained he became a police officer because he wanted to follow in his family's foot steps.

“I’ve always had great role models in my family that have served in law enforcement. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and contributing to the community. It has been a pretty rewarding career choice," Dougherty said.

Once he completes his field training program later in July, Dougherty will be assigned to patrol and join his fellow officers in the field.