With Fourth of July comes celebration, but also loud noises and bright lights that can be overwhelming and scary for dogs in the area.

According to Mike Steward, veterinarian at Shawnee Animal Hospital, dogs have acute hearing and can be very sensitive to the sound of fireworks and other such explosives.

"One thing you could do is get dogs out of the area...or tranquilize them...," Steward said.

The veterinarian also explained some other ways to keep dogs and other pets safe is to keep animals inside, reduce the impact of the fireworks, stay with them if they do get scared and talk to them soothingly.

Steward also said it's important to keep dogs and other pets as comfortable as possible during firework displays because they could run away, have panic attacks, potentially bite people or other dogs and they could just get carried away.

Overall, while Fourth of July is a fun time to celebrate the country, it can be challenging for pets in the community and citizens can help their animals feel better.