From Oklahoma shaped rings to locally handmade soap, Okie Dokie Mercantile & Co. is what owner Christina Hernandez calls a 'one stop shop' for Shawnee residents to purchase various Made in Oklahoma items.

According to the 32-year-old, Okie Dokie sells various items including jewelry, soaps, condiments, purses and more.

"We're a Made in Oklahoma gift shop where 95 percent of our stuff is made here in Oklahoma and about five percent are outside of Oklahoma but they're Oklahoma themed," Hernandez said.

Hernandez explained she has lived in Shawnee all her life and decided three years ago to open Okie Dokie.

She said since opening, many members of the community and beyond have responded positively to the unique aspects of the gift shop.

"We've had a great response. We've had people from all over come to get gifts because we usually have people needing gifts because they're usually going on vacation somewhere...," Hernandez said.

These places include Japan, Australia and various other parts of the world.

For Hernandez the best aspect of owning Okie Dokie is interacting with her diverse clientele and learning their stories.

"(I like) meeting new people and seeing different walks of life and hearing different stories and actually hearing how they found us and what they enjoy," Hernandez said.

The business owner said Okie Dokie gets its stock of items from trade shows, family friends and vendors throughout the state.

"We're a one stop shop. We try to have things that you can't get within 30 minuets of Shawnee," the owner said.

The gift shop owner also said the name for the store was inspired by her sister who came up with Okie Dokie.

"It was something catchy and something that people have always said in Oklahoma and so I think when you say 'come back and okie dokie' it just reminds people of our store name...," Hernandez said.

Hernandez explained though the store has expanded its popularity, she's still trying to inform the community.

However, Hernandez said in addition to being the owner of Okie Dokie she is the only employee which can be difficult.

"(A challenge) is being my own boss and being the only employee because if I'm sick I don't have anyone to fill in. It just kind of closes for the day and I lose people that way," Hernandez said.

Though it can be a challenge, Hernandez said she still loves Okie Dokie and she's happy she opened it.

As time goes on, Hernandez said she hopes to continue to expand Okie Dokie and acquire new items made in Oklahoma.

"My sister actually has a spot in our plaza where she'll eventually open a candy store. We're just hoping to also grow and get more merchandise and get our name more out there," Hernandez said.

Okie Dokie is located at 1102 N Kickapoo Ave. For more information visit the store's Facebook page.