A longstanding nonprofit in the area is changing its name — just a bit — to steer clear of potential confusion.

As the name Faith can sometimes be associated with a religious organization, the nonprofit known for decades as Faith 7 has gone through a name change; now it's to be referred to as F7, Mary Wisdom confirmed Thursday.

In the community since 1963, F7 Adult Activity Center has offered a two-fold purpose while serving the Shawnee area: offering purpose in the lives of its adult clients — those overcoming delayed or limited development — and providing a much-valued service to local businesses and residents.

In following with F7's motto, a mission to independence, the nonprofit's goal is to offer its adult clients productive work where they can earn their own pay, as well as developing skills and positive social interaction with others.

F7 Director Carol Jones said through the center, her employees are able to hold down paying jobs in a safe, monitored and relaxed setting.

Much of what the clients do centers around recycling paper goods.

Several area entities have partnered with F7 by utilizing its business services, but the bulk of paper products is brought in by the semi truck load by Central Disposal — from among the recyclables in residents' trash.

Jones said F7 is happy to pick up paper donations. “Whether it's once or on a routine basis,” she said.

And, as always, volunteering is encouraged and is much appreciated, Jones said.

It doesn't take much time to see the joy and comradery of F7's 26 clients at the center, she said. They are a close-knit group.

Though F7 does receive some money from federal and state funds, F7 also depends on gifts and support from the community. To donate, direct funds to F7 Activity Center, 301 S. Kennedy Ave.

To volunteer or for more information, call (405) 275-4223.